Crude Oil Investing and trading tips – What to expect?

WTI Crude Oil Futures and MCX Crude Oil futures have been giving traders lot of opportunity to earn daily profits since sessions have been volatile throughout the day.

Looking at the counter since Thursday morning on MCX, we saw CrudeOil trading from 4360 to 4452. With Such volatile session it is important to find out right trade and strategy to make sure you don’t lose your money.

CrudeOil Price Chart Source by Investing .com

Market Movement

The movement of the market seems to be like it is ready to hand on to gains and this could a bullish sign for this counter.

The energy counters are highly dependent on the demand and supply and this prices would vary based on the demand in the market.

Despite the trade war, we noticed CrudeOil trading in green and this itself is a bullish sign for this counter.           

Technical analysis

The main trend is down but the traders are willing to buy at these levels since they believe that demand might not be affected with global trade situations.

Momentum for WTI CrudeOil has turned positive after it reversed from $60 last week. The main trend could only be defined as bullish if WTI CrudeOil counters crosses $63.50 since it acts as major resistance.

MCX Crude Oil futures on Thursday closed at 4420 and there was a lot of movement throughout the day. Looking at the resistance and support on charts, if MCX CrudeOil crosses 4600 then it turn bullish and we could see levels of 4700-4750. On the other hand, if it moves down from current level then we can expect it to trade below 4350.

At current levels CrudeOil prices will be defined by traders’ reaction to the global trends and trade concerns.

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CrudeOil Investing and trading tips – What to expect?
CrudeOil Investing tips - Generatebucks

Trading tip

I would advise buying CrudeOil at dips for a target of 4600 in upcoming sessions. If you are looking to create a short positions, then wait for 4700 since I don’t see a long term bullish opportunity in CrudeOil futures.

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