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Looking at movement of Copper futures, it does look like Dr. Copper has been a great investment. During the first quarter Copper futures rose almost 11% and start of second quarter has been great.(Is Copper a good investment for long-term?)

Dr. Copper which depicts the growth of the economies has been doing quite well, thus we can expect growth in this quarter. 

 Is Copper a good investment for long term?
Dr. Copper - Is Copper a good investment for long term?

Why is Copper a top pick?

Dr Copper is one of the top pick for traders in the base metal pack not only because traders encounter volatility but also the fact that it has a 2-3 month contract on MCX. This allows long term traders to hold their positions without worry of moving to next month.(Is Copper a good investment for long-term?)

Traders might be jumping to create a long position at Copper but before you move ahead, read why this would be the best time to wait and look at creating short positions.

Copper prices might actually crash soon on dismay over the apparently inadequate stimulus for commodities accorded by China this year for its own recovery.

According to the Wall Street bank, copper’s problem is in its overall supply-demand, not just the disappointing stimulus by top metals buyer China.(Is Copper a good investment for long-term?)

Despite leading analyst are having a bearish view on Copper,’s outlook has been positive since a report released by U.K. based CRU Group expects Copper demand to grow drastically. Read here

Few researchers believe that demand of Copper would be high with increasing demand in electric vehicles. You may come across few researchers who say that we growing public transport in emerging economies, would impact Auto sector and we may see decline in sales.
Seems like Dr. Copper never seems to be out of picture and is favorite topic for debate for commodity industry.

This quarter is expected to be volatile for Copper and you can see Copper frequently as our daily hot pick.

With US-China trade talks things are looking quite positive for base metals this year but top brokerage houses think otherwise. 

We have investors earning daily profits from Copper and I believe this trend is expected in near future.(Is Copper a good investment for long-term?)

Trading tip for Dr. Copper

Copper has been trading in range for some time and we can expect this trend to continue till end of next week. Copper is in positive trend with short term bearish trend. It has a strong support at 442 and resistance at 455.
The April contract of Copper is expect to trade in this range for upcoming sessions. Positional traders are advised to create long positions around 444 for target of 460 in near term.(Is Copper a good investment for long-term?)

Intraday traders should follow the range and trade. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or contact us.

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Is Copper a good investment for long-term? 

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  1. Sir what position should i take in zinc in april contract ???

    1. Suraj - if you are looking for an intra-day advise, I would recommend to stay away right now since Zinc has been volatile. If you can hold you position for short-term then sell Zinc on rally, Zinc will trade around 231 and this is a great price for short-term investor to create short positions. I would advise if you are ready to hold your position, trade in May contract. Sell around 231-231 and wait till May 13. I would not advise a long position since Zinc inventories could flood the market anytime. Let me know if you have more questions


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