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Our aim to work is to have secure our financial future and this starts since the day we are born. Our parents invest money for us to secure our future. We start our studies and aim to secure a safe job (or start a new business) which could further lead to a secure future. This cycle continues and is taken over by next generation. Most of us have a tendency to neglect our investment options since we keep aiming at earning more. Truth is if we focus a bit more on investing right, we could have a secured future and might not even have to worry about depending on someone in our old age.

Best Investment Options in India for short term
Best Investment Options in India for short term
Investment can be more long –term and short-term based on the amount of days you decide to invest. Most investment advisors suggest long-term investment keeping in mind ROI, risk propensity and investment behavior. This write-up aims looking at best investment options in India for short term. We would discuss investment options that could generate a good ROI

What are short-term investment?

A short-term investment is referred to an investment done for a short period of time which is less than a year for an expected amount of ROI. The range could be somewhere around 15 days to 300 days.

A short term investments which promises good ROI will obviously be risky so no one is sure of returns.

Things to ponder before you look at Investment options

Amount to invest – Before looking at best investment options in India for short term, please review how much you can invest. Keep in mind that you might need to keep your hands off this investment for at least a year. Check your monthly expenses and obviously keep some money in your account which could come handy in any emergency. There could be a chance that you are left with no money to invest. Don’t worry, we will share options that could still give you some returns. My advice is to aim at saving minimum 10% of your monthly income for investment.

Time – Decide on a time frame, how long you can park your money. Not everyone has luxury of keeping lot of money in investments. Most of us our living hand to mouth so it is important for you to decide on the time frame. If you are able to keep this money for a long time, I would suggest to aim for long-term investment which aim at great ROI.

Where to invest – if you checkout the options below, you may see some risky options and some less risky options. It is important for you to decide where to invest. Are you an investor who can take risk or you would like to aim at FD with low interest but a less risky option and more long term?

Expected ROI – Every investment is different and every investment option has different returns. You should aim to achieve something out of your investments. Have reasonable expectations. For example – you cannot sim at more than 8% ROI if you invest in FD.

How to invest – This is an important before you plan to invest. Your medium of investment should be safe and secure. Investing in right option through wrong medium could land you in trouble. There are tons of scammers waiting for you. Look at a safe and secure medium. Do our homework well and don’t just jump into this market without knowledge.

Best Investment Options in India for short term

Saving bank account or a fixed deposit

You might be thinking why have I highlighted this as an investment option. We all deposit our money in the bank. But do we do it correctly! 

I consider this one of the safest options for people who don't have time to invest at all. When you choose your bank to deposit your money, check their rate of interest annually. Some private banks give 6% interest on your deposits. This is a great way to invest in your money without hassle. You just need to deposit your money in bank before 5th of every month. 

Any investment which is less risky doesn't give an average ROI of more than 10%. This is one of the safest options and people who are aiming to make a bit more out of money sitting around should look at this option. 

Some smart people choose to open a fixed deposit (FD linked to your account). In this case, you can earn around 6%-9%. Everything could happened online without hassle. Just remember to follow security protocols. 

These are not an inflation beating instruments but at least you are making some returns and doesn't need much effort. Remember that end of the financial year, Banks have been instructed to deduct TDS if the interest income exceed certain amount based on the current tax laws.

So if you reluctant in taking any kind of risk or spending anytime planning, this is a great option for you.

Short term mutual funds

This is a great way to diversify your investments. There was a time when mutual funds were considered risky but many options out there, this has become one of the great ways to invest.

You can choose among Debt instrument and equity mutual funds. Debt mutual funds are less risky and you can expect 10%-12% ROI where in equity mutual funds are risky. With equity linked mutual funds, you can expect 2%to 40% ROI depending on the one you choose.

If you are looking at a balanced option, you can aim at balanced mutual ones which is part equity and part debt. Lately there are few balanced funds which have been doing quite well. 

When you invest in mutual funds, they are subject to market risk and you need to remember that. Please review each fund before you invest.

You can consult an online investment advisor or a portfolio manager for the same. You might get a recommendation from your bank executive, check before you go by their recommendation. Do you home work well. They are trying to get to their numbers to make commissions. It is your money and you need to invest it. Skip shopping or a movie, sit down and make notes.

Investing in Gold

Yes! investing in Gold could be a great option for short-term. If you look at the bullion market, Gold rates have been fluctuating a lot since past 12 months. Last year we saw 18 carat gold being bought by many investors at 28000/10gm and this year the price is around 31000/10gm.

You cold also invest in gold bonds which have been launched in previous financial year. These bonds are great investment but I would consider them fruitful if you are looking at long-term investment. 

Overall, Gold is a good investment for future.  

Currency trading

Forex market is quite volatile and risky but return on investment is quite high. If followed correctly, one could earn high profits. I recommend to do your home work well before you invest. 

Commodity and Stock trading - RISKY investments

You could invest directly in equity market or commodity markets depending on your interest and risk appetite. This option is very risky but  one can aim at ROI of 30%-70%.

There are lot of business channels who aim at giving right strategies that could allow people to make money and earn huge profits.

Best Investment Options in India for short term – Generatebucks
Investment options in India for short-term
I would recommend investing in these market only if you have proper knowledge and are able to take risk. Do your homework exceedingly well else you might lose everything you have earned and might also have to put additional money in. I have seen traders gambling and land up losing their hard earned money and going in debt so best to not let this happen to you. We are looking to secure our future not spoil it. 

Please read disclaimer before investing. Details shared with are based on our experience and might not work for every individual.

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