Copper Investing techniques and trading in Zinc futures for Jan-09 –

Copper with other base metals have been trading in green this week and seems like we can expect the trend to continue.

With positive news about US-China trade war where both countries are seen putting effort to find a solution, we can expect global market to grow.

Copper -
Copper and Zinc investing techniques

US-China trade war impacted the global growth and we saw economies suffering in 2018. Entire base metal pack including copper was seen trading in bearish market.

Analysing the trade war, the Chinese economy is taking more lumps than the U.S But the U.S. economy may be the one slowing in the second half as China recovers on huge doses of stimulus.

Because of US-China trade friction, Apple's revenue miss last week and this highlight that both economies would suffer.


Copper seems to shine since past days and most analyst are expecting this shine to stay. We can expect Copper to trade in green along with sideways trend.

With copper trading in bearish zone, Imperial decided to shut down Mount Polley mine. Read more Likewise, most copper production mines bear the hit and have reduced production.

Demand of copper is expected to grow and we can assume copper to follow bullish trend if negotiations between US and China goes well.

With decline in production of Crude Oil, we can assume India Rupee to decline and this would definitely support copper and other base metals

Looking at the trade today –

Buy copper at 416 to target of 422 with stop loss of 412. Positional traders could also look for a target of 430 in upcoming sessions. Trade with caution since market trend highly depends on US-China trade talks.

Zinc futures –

Zinc has been under-performing metal for quite some time. Recently, it has gain momentum and this trend would continue.

Buy Zinc around 175.50 with target of 178 in upcoming sessions and stop loss of 173.

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